It’s been great working with the team at WSA Studio  (WSA) on their new growth strategy and brand positioning which will launch later this summer. In the meantime, check out the kind words that WSA’s president and AIA national board member, Timothy Hawk, FAIA had to say about working with VENN Growth Collective:

“Venn Growth Collective uses a collaborative process which extracts a pointed brand position and business strategy There is no imposition, just data mining, analysis, and the smart translation of your inner being into a business strategy that is custom tailored to differentiate. We found their advice to be pointed towards a future which is achievable, in tune with our corporate persona, and inspirational. After our working sessions, our leadership has grown in energy and is aligned to meet stretch goals. I anticipate significant growth and know that our future success will be in large part due to Venn’s intervention at a time of great need.”

– Timothy Hawk

Principal, President

WSA Studio


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