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We combine fact – based analysis with cultural intuition to develop strategies and consumer experiences that are as financially and operationally sound as they are emotionally compelling.

Our Services



  • Competitive & Brand Assessments
  • Consumer Research
  • Segmentation
  • Brand Equity Studies
  • Insights & implications


  • Brand Positioning
  • Growth Strategy/Scenario Planning
  • Consumer Experience Mapping
  • Persona Development
  • Brand Architecture
  • Content Strategy
  • Affinity Strategies


  • Naming & Identity Development
  • Brand Design & Standards
  • Campaign Development
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Design & Development
  • Media Planning
  • Public Relations/Social

• Segmentation

VENN has extensive experience across all types of qualitative and quantitative assessments including market and consumer research. In addition to quantitative segmentation for clients like Crane Renovation Group and IGS Energy, we author methodologies and questionnaires and field and assess qualitative 1:1 in home and exit intercept surveys as well as online research.




• Brand Architecture

Understanding the relationship between sub-brands and master brands and uncovering the most powerful articulation of these relationships are key to the successful development of any marketing strategy, and impact initiatives as diverse as naming, identity development, product development and brand books and guidelines. Our work for Penzone and the North Market are two prime examples

• Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is at the core of what we do. With over 80 years of combined experience developing competitively differentiated positionings for many of the world’s leading brands, we developed a positioning model specifically for mid-sized brands – one that is not only simple, intuitive and memorable, but one which is detailed and thorough. Our positioning work spans our categories to include brands as diverse as Libbey, Wusthof, The Athletic Club of Columbus and the Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University.

• Growth Strategy

VENN’s approach to growth combines best practices from management consulting and marketing services to deliver a process that helps businesses discover their unique, most viable, competitively differentiating and actionable growth trajectory. Through co-creation we activate three proprietary models  – Scenario PortraitSM , Scenario DashboardsSM and a diagnostic model – to identify and document the most opportunistic directions for growth. We combine financial and operational modeling with consumer-centric brand exploration to document comprehensive scenarios that aid in decision-making, build consensus and increase confidence in the direction of the business. Over the years we’ve developed growth strategies for the likes of Wusthof, Able Roof and Mr. Roof, WSA Studio, Capsa and The Columbus Foundation. 




• Campaign Development

VENN’s partners and creative teams  possess more than 30 years experience developing comprehensive, national advertising campaigns for some of the world’s leading brands across medical, healthcare and consumer products. Our recent campaigns for The Ohio State University, IGS Energy and Libbey to name just a few, include television, radio, digital, print, social media, and out-of-home which we develop from concept through execution and the media buying and placement competencies of our Collective.

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Designed specifically for mid-sized brands


The right fit delivers the level of attention you deserve and the expertise your brand requires

We apply our big brand experience to fast growing challenger brands and purpose-driven businesses with a bias for action and a passion for growth.

Our proprietary four step process 



Capturing stakeholder’s perspectives of the current state including, the organization’s core competencies, brand, consumers and competitors. VENN supplements these findings with qualitative and quantitative consumer and market research which yield insights and implications for growth.



Development of hypotheses based on combinations of the variables identified in the Investigate phase to yield distinct growth scenarios that are evaluated through multiple lenses: consumer/brand, market/competitor, financial, and operational.



Formulation of competitive strategy and strategic positioning, including recommendations of the most viable, feasible and impactful direction for the business.



Bringing the strategy to life and moving the organization forward through the development of detailed action plans that prioritize and sequence projects, create forecasts, and which map timing of key initiatives for execution and achievement of specific goals.

We think in VENN diagrams


Four modular services which begin as blue sky ideas and culminate in a strategy for evergreen growth. 


Insights & Implications

Utilizing our proprietary Vision Assessment tool we collect and analyze primary and secondary research, qualitative and quantitative data, and conduct an inductive exploration of four inputs:

  • FUTURE FORESIGHTS (macro-trends)
  • CONSUMER INSIGHTS (voice of the customer)
  • CORE COMPETENCIES (internal capabilities)
  • MARKET DYNAMICS (competitive analysis)

The result is a synthesis of key findings and implications of these influences on the brand and the business.



Scenario Building

Utilizing the insights and implications, we formulate top-level hypotheses for growth, Including identification of the:

  • WHY”- the business rational

  • WHO” –the target consumer, including demographic and psychographic profiles

  • WHAT” – product and services, including SKU rationalization

  • WHERE” – geographies and regions

  • HOW” – the go-to-market strategy including distribution and channel strategies.

Includes estimated market size and share, and a financial analysis of the scenarios based upon assumptions formulated with the client. Detailed “Scenario Dashboards” and “Scenario Portraits” bring each option to life,  enabling detailed comparison and consideration. Options are evaluated for viability and impact. Key recommendations are also provided.


Brand Positioning

Following the selection of a specific growth scenario, we employ our proprietary Brand Positioning Model to identify and document:

  • Purpose WHY we exist and do what we do. Our mission, and reason for being. The foundation of our positioning and every decision we make.

  • Beliefs – WHAT we believe. Timeless values which cascade from most universal to most specific and personal.

  • Vision WHERE we’ll play and how we’ll win. How aspire to be perceived, and what we plan to achieve. Our optimal future state which guides us toward our goal. A customer- centered basis for strategic planning. 

  • Personality – WHO we are. Distinct and intuitive action-oriented adjectives describing our brand in human characteristics. Precursor to an archetype. 

  • Essence – HOW we explain our value. A synopsis of the positioning in a succinct statement and the basis for a tagline, expressed as a brand promise, value proposition or a call to action.

  • Proof points – HOW we prove it. Reasons our target customers can believe what we say.

  • StoryHOW we explain our brand and offer and why our customers should care. A long–form narrative expressed as story which can be applied across consumer touch-points

Results in a positioning which can be presented on a single page and which every stakeholder can intuitively understand, embrace and apply.


Migration Strategy

Achieving the growth goals laid out in any scenario requires more than just a Go-to-Market Strategy. We provide a detailed, “bottom-up” formulation of the growth trajectory that spells out specific projects and investments required to migrate the organization to its desired strategic goals and brand position.  Additionally, we also help organizations plan the consumer facing aspects of the plan.

We assess the trade-offs between operational challenges financial costs and revenue growth to execute the growth strategy. Potential deliverables may include, a detailed customer segmentation, organizational/ talent plan and financial plan forecast and budget.


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