Designed specifically for mid-sized brands


The right fit delivers the level of attention you deserve and the expertise your brand requires.


We apply our big brand experience to fast growing challenger brands and purpose-driven businesses with a bias for action and a passion for growth.

Our Clients:

Case Studies: Mid-Sized Clients

We’re built for mid-sized businesses. We partner with fast growing challenger brands with a bias for action through a proprietary process, approach and business model which provides the attention you deserve and the level of experience, talent and expertise that your business demands.


IGS Energy




Jeni’s Ice cream


Sleep Number

Case Studies: Consulting Services Clients

Been there. Done that. And know how to help. As consulting industry veterans who have led large firms, our partners possess a unique understanding of how to position consulting practices and develop powerful and actionable strategic plans and growth strategies that take consultancies to the next level.

Fisher Management Partners




Low Bono Clients

Helping the Helpful. We work with select Not For Profits, social enterprises and small start-ups on what we call a  “Low Bono” basis, discounting our standard professional fees considerably for organizations we love which do good and which help make the world a better place. While our fees can be discounted by as much as fifty percent, we believe that all organizations need some skin in the game in order to prioritize, maintain focus and invest effort in important strategic  and creative initiatives.

The Athletic Club of Columbus

North Market Dublin

Grandview Heights Schools

Knowlton School of Architecture

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