Case Study: Wusthof

We gained amazing insights into our business, our brand and our customers. Every step of VENN’s  process has been key in helping us to clarify and build our company.

Harald Wusthof

CEO, Wusthof

Whitespace: Craftsmen of the World’s Singularly Finest Cutlery. Made in Germany. Always.

Created three distinct opportunities for growth, the most viable of which, entitled, “A design forward, super-premium brand, provided Wusthof with the opportunity to capture an affluent market while providing growth via a positive brand halo in its core segment. Accomplished these goals without creating channel conflict, and  successfully repositioned the brand as singularly focused on premium cutlery.


  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Competitive assessment
  • Scenario planning
  • Growth strategy
  • Brand positioning