Case Study: U.S. Council for Athletes’ Health

We needed to tell our story about the importance of athlete health and safety at the college level. But we are not a marketing company.

VENN has really helped us understand the importance of brand, and has created campaigns that have broken through the clutter and helped us become a better company.”


Jim Borchers, MD MPH

President & CEO, USCAH

Whitespace: For the love of sports.

Transitioned this start-up brand from a healthcare-focused positioning and messaging  to a shared love of sports and the need to save athletic competition from the personal, financial and reputational costs associated with  unnecessary injury, wrongful death and scandals resulting from a lack of prioritization of athlete health and safety.  Retargeted message from athletic directors and coaches across all levels of competition to focus om university presidents and chief financial officers who bear the greatest financial burden and reputational risk and who possess the largest budgets and the most significant willingness to pay. for services of this type The creative execution includes a brand video featuring a voice over by ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit and a multi-touchpoint awareness campaign entitled “It’s All On The lLne” which  creates an urgency to act and the financial, reputational and life-saving benefits of training and compliance.   


      • Brand Positioning Strategy
      • Tagline Development
      • Persona Development
      • Brand Video
      • Creative Campaign Creation
      • Media Buy  
      • Social Media Strategy
      • Marketing Plan 

Brand Video

Brand Awareness Launch Campaign

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Campaign landing page with video


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