Case Study: Articulation

When faced with the pressing need to align my brand with a decade of steady but disjointed business evolution, I turned to Venn to “true up” our position and strategy. I walked away with clarity to launch the next phase of our growth with grounded confidence.

Ruth Milligan

Founder, Articulation, Inc.

Whitespace: Leading with Story  

The fast growing storytelling experts and presentation training team at Articulation partnered with VENN to identify ways to differentiate their unique talents  and to stand out from a sea of “me too” presentation training practices. We identified a whitespace for this differentiated offer by positioning articulation as “The Storytelling Experts” and the development of leadership skills that help executives maximize careers and improve lives through improved communication and articulation of their most important messaging.


  • Brand Positioning

  • Growth Scenarios

  • Campaign development