Case Study: IGS Energy


We are honored to recieve awards for our digital ads and brand video for IGS Energy.

 We selected VENN because their model – and their approach – was totally different from other agencies that we’ve worked with. Here’s what sets them apart: they understand where brand strategy and marketing strategy need to interplay with the broader corporate strategy.  We get Mike, Dirk and Vicki’s experience. Their years of experience aren’t just there to close the deal and win the business and then pass our account on to someone else. They’re in our planning meetings and strategy sessions. They’re doing the work alongside us and we’ve benefitted tremendously from their professional experience and wisdom. Collectively, they have a ton of expertise and perspective and we’ve been able to tap into that informally throughout our relationship.
Their model allows them to truly become an extension of our own team and we’ve been able to get a ton of work done in some really aggressive timeframes as a result. Because they’ve become so embedded in our work, it allows them to help us look around the corner and anticipate potential challenges or future opportunities.
They’ve become strategic thought partners who are as committed to the work and to our success as if it were their own business. Because they connect the brand strategy to broader corporate strategy and the external trends impacting our industry and our world, they’re able to push us in the right direction.  

Jen Bowden

Executive Director of Marketing, IGS Energy

Whitespace: Let’s Go Green for Good

Transformed a traditional energy provider into a  purpose – driven business focused on building a sustainable energy future for a healthier planet, through the development of a comprehensive strategic and creative re-alignment which resulted in a new target consumer, company name, brand image and identity.


  • Competitive analysis
  • Consumer research 
  • Brand positioning strategy
  • Tagline development
  • Persona development
  • Brand architecture  
  • Brand standards
  • Brand video
  • Campaign development
  • Broadcast and outdoor advertising
  • Media planning
  • Social strategy and public relations
  • Internal launch campaign
  • Copy development
  • Product naming

Brand Video

Brand Awareness Launch Campaign

Out of home

(3) :15 tv spots.

Activation Campaign

Display Ads

Social Video

Banner Ads