Congratulations to our client, Charles Penzone Inc., on the series of exciting, inter-related evolutions to its parent company and iconic master brand.

The company has announced a new growth strategy for the overarching business, the development and opening of two, new branded concepts, and the repositioning of its namesake salon brandincluding the creation of a new customer experience and the unveiling of a new name, identity, campaign, and locations.

On the eve of its 50th year in business, President and CEO Debra Penzone unveiled the new growth strategy for the parent holding company – Charles Penzone, Inc. – developed in partnership with VENN Growth Collective, and based upon Penzone’s history as an industry-leading innovator. The new strategy focuses the organization’s efforts on incubating new concepts by identifying what’s next in beauty and wellness trends, and as reflected in the opening of its first two, new brand launches under this effort:  LIT Life + Yoga and Royal Rhino Club Barbershop & Lounge.

“The new growth strategy focuses the organization’s efforts on incubating new concepts by identifying what’s next in beauty and wellness trends…”

Penzone also announced a new name for its master brand – Charles Penzone Grand Salons – which will be rebranded simply Penzone Salon + Spa. The new name and identity are part of a broader brand repositioning effort developed with VENN, and a corresponding new experience which empowers guests to achieve “beauty from the outside in,” by instilling confidence and reflecting the more modern, inclusive and empowered lifestyles of today’s guests. The experience also reflects consumers interest in more integrated services. “After working with VENN, we’re inspired about the future for our brands. They outlined the framework for how to evolve…”, said Penzone.

The company’s Max The Salons, will also be rebranded as Penzone Salon + Spa and will leverage the more urban sensibility embodied by the new name and identity, enabling the company to leverage a single brand online, in its advertising, and on the company’s app which empowers consumers to schedule their own appointments and access a simplified menu of products and services. The company has opened a new Dublin location which showcases the new experience and brand elements which will be rolled out to existing locations over the remainder of this year, including a just-announced move of its Short North location into White Castle’s soon-to-open mixed-use project on High Street in Columbus.