Case Study: The Ohio State University Recruitment Campaign

Whitespace: Will it be you?

We partnered with the Enrollment Services Marketing and Strategic Communications team at The Ohio State University to develop a multi-touchpoint recruitment strategy and campaign to be utilized by various colleges to target both internal recruiting teams and external. prospective students. The goal of this effort to was to promote the department as a respected partner and enrollment authority, to assist colleagues in understanding their impact on the lives of students, and to celebrate the team’s successes. “WILL IT BE YOU?” is about changing lives by challenging recruiters and prospective students to ask themselves if and how they will positively impact the lives of students and themselves through the pursuit if a degree at OSU. The campaign elements were created as a toolkit which included emails, posters, copy samples, web content, a promotional video, print collateral, outdoor, environmental graphics social media content, and campus tour materials. 


  • Internal Campaign Development
  • External Campaign Development

Toolkit for Colleges

Branded College Tour

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