Case Study: The Columbus Foundation

VENN helped us bring the idea of Kindness to life through a highly creative campaign that was grounded in the brand strategy for the Foundation.  The process was highly collaborative and the VENN team was great to work with.

Natalie Parscher

Communicatioins and Marketing, The Columbus Foundation

Whitespace: Let’s be kind Columbus.

Kind Columbus has already generated lots of positive impact in the community. We think the name is really strong. We like the mark—it is clean and meaningful.

To us there’s no call for reinvention, but instead an opportunity to build on great momentum. If we can get into the local vernacular and get Columbus citizens to assume ownership, we believe Kind Columbus can become a movement leading us to a better community.


  • Campaign Concept

3 Month Teaser Campaign

How do we get people talking?

Bring a provocative national conversation down to a local and personal level.

Tactical thought starters

Mass trans, in social media, guerilla sidewalk postings and and others of people being kind.

Curate nice vs. kind content already available from national news sources and authorities.

Video kids: Were you kind to someone today? Have you been kind lately?




How do we get participation?

Extend an invitation. Give them a way to RSVP.

Launch Campaign

Community pride tv/video:

(Citizens state the kindness tenets to camera while in recognizable scenes around the greater

Columbus area)

Here, we’re kind to those who are different.

We’re kind to people older than us.

And people who are smaller.

We’re kind at home.

We’re kind on the streets.

And in other social places.

We’re kind when we’re standing in lines.

And even during rush hour.

We’re especially kind to people who aren’t as lucky as we are.

Those who just need a little hand.

Here, we’re kind to each other.

Because kindness is what makes Columbus our kind of community.

(silent logo: Kind Columbus)

Columbus We’re all kinds of kind.

470 W. Broad Street, Suite B • Columbus, Ohio 43215 • Call Dirk 614.589.5288 •